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"This phase is over Replica hublot, a blank page is being opened," Maroni said, holding out hope that the League and Berlusconi forces might again join in a future political coalition. Berlusconi longtime nemesis, former anti corruption prosecutor Antonio Di Pietro, said his small Italy of Values Party would be willing to back a strictly "technocrat" government with no politicians in the cabinet "to respond to the (economic) emergency and give back this country its credibility." Without mentioning Monti by name, Di Pietro insisted that elections must be held as soon as possible. But, he acknowledged, "in these hours of emergency, it very hard" to carry out an electoral campaign.

Let's please make every effort we can to support his family and the family of Mr. MacLean in their time of need. Let's instead of spending time with postings on facebook and asking questions over coffee break or in the grocery line . let's find a way to support these familes as good communities would..

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